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worst run tow yard

Had to go with my Mother to get her 91 Ranger from impound, tried to start it but it had a dead battery. The yard ogre came over with his POS rig and hooked some crappy jumper cables to it. Tried the first time, made two revs then stopped, thinking we would give it a few more min to charge, but the ogre started bellering, ” YOU NEED TO MAKE ARANGEMENTS TO TOW THAT PIECE OF JUNK OUT OF HERE!” then he took off, my Mother had to drive her mini van into that discusting yard and giving it a few more seconds then before and it fired right up. If you are ever in a accident in Pierce county you do have a choice of towing company, you don’t have to pick this one, ask the officer whom is next in rotation, and they say its genes, ask for someone else. DO NOT LET THEM TOW YOUR CAR!!!!!

You will regret it.

DJ Deibert


This by far has to be the worst experience in customer service I’ve ever had in my entire 41yrs!! When my Ford Explorer that I only had 2days lost control and flipped twice on freeway leaving me trapped Puyallup towing is who was called to take my vehicle as I was transported to hospital when 2days later I went to recover my things which when I wrecked was coming from my storage so even my tax papers military discharge papers etc was in the car along with my 800$ iPhone tablet and briefcase…i proceeded to show the man the handwritten bill of sale from the owner kristen culver and was rudly told it wasn’t good enough he started yelling telling me unless I brought her with me or a notarized note he in no way was giving me my things I began crying saying my life was affected because without my phone I can’t even access my emails which I had an interview for a better job since I’m a single mom with 2sons that I lost out on and can’t even reschedule due to being marked no call no show I then being upset said we’ll I’m calling the trooper that came to my hospital room and told me this was enough I’m not leaving without my phone he then got even angrier and in a snide voice said your stupid your shit ain’t even here bitch…i then said your acting stupidly and unprofessional he then began screaming you called my mom what what and started to run at me from behind counter with his mom pulling on his arms I backed into the wall with my arms out saying are u gunna hit me omg he then said get out get off my property your never getting shit when I didnt move fast enough mind u 2 days outta the hospital he then said fine fine I’m impound ing your goddam truck to how ya like that then ran outside to hook up my truck when I told him in a panic you can’t do that he said oh yeah what you gunna do about it I said nothing but I’m going to record you pulling out my phone he literally ran away and the whole time his mom was yelling too!! I have contacted a lawyer because this man also screamed I was a meth head addict bitch which I was blood tsted at hospital and have the results showing I do no drugs ..i work for FedEx I have a good job and professional and the way I’ve been treated and still having my things withheld from me is seriously affecting my whole life right now and is against the law I’ve also contacted the news media and since I model have over 10000 local followers I will be making constant posts about this company!! Do NOT USE THEM

Amanda Boyd

Great Service!

24 Hour service. Was there for me when I was in need.

Acacia Moore